about gayle

Gayle Beveridge lives in Melbourne, Australia.  She loves her family, dogs, sunsets, chocolate, and bird watching and is passionate about writing fiction.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Business and a Diploma in Company Directorship and makes a living as an accountant.

After allowing her business career to consume her for nearly thirty years, Gayle started to write in earnest just prior to turning fifty.

Gayle writes short stories and flash fiction for relaxation. She uses writing competitions to help maintain momentum and has placed in a number of these.

Gayle Beveridge - Boroondara Literary Awards

At the Boroondara Literary Awards Presentation

Gayle’s stories appear in anthologies, including Award Winning Australian Writing , Mosaic, The Umbrella’s Shade and Vegemite Whiskers.

Her first novel, which began life in NaNoWriMo is going through a third edit. 

Gayle says, 'Writing is a retreat, as good as a spring holiday in a lake side cottage; it takes me away from the everyday. Because it requires concentration it leaves no room for worries and concerns and the research I do for my stories enriches my life."

Gayle Beveridge at the Melbourne Literary Festival

At the launch of Melbourne Books', 'Award Winning Australian Writing ' - Melbourne Literary Festival

Gayle enjoys writing in a number of genres including drama, fantasy, humour, and horror. She writes both long-hand and on her laptop as the mood or situation dictates. As she works full time most of her stories have been penned in the late evening.

Some stories are written quickly, the first draft being produced in one sitting, while others takeweeks to fully form. Gayle rarely finishes a story without doing some research. She looks for finer details to add credibility and body to the story, for understanding of a period in time or for pictures to aid in the descriptions of people or places.