NaPoMo - Silly Little Rhymes

April 18, 2014
NaPoMo - Silly Little Rhymes

For NaPoMo today, a batch of silly little rhymes, written just for fun.


Word Weary

As secure as a lock,

was his writer's block,

"Oh for a metaphor," his forlorn cry of hope,

but alas he died for want of a trope.


The Cutting Room Floor

Waldo's Wild Weekend was published in the fall,

it caught the censor’s eyes,

and then got bowdlerized,

and now there’s nothing left at all.


Grand Aspirations

I'm a little acorn,

it's my job to make a tree,

but all I end up being

is Mr. Squirrel's tea.


Architectural Misadventure

I’m a little piglet,

and I’ve made a house of sticks,

but I’m a little worried,

I wish that I’d used bricks.


False Impressions

He said he had the moola,

his car was mighty flash,

but it was just to fool her,

he really had no cash.


Glossing Over It

His hair it was unclean,

so he coated it with brilliantine,

as he swelled with misplaced pride,

the nits enjoyed the slippery-slide.


House of Straw

I’m a little piggy,

I made my house from straw

but I’m standing in the rain

coz I forgot to build a door.


Not Buying It

Don't mind me I grumbled,

got out the wrong side of the bed,

but my lady wasn't buying it,

she slapped me in the head.



NaPoMo - Nasty

April 17, 2014

Today's offering for National Poetry Month is short and nasty.

With piercing eyes of cobalt blue,
She stole his heart and his wallet too,
While many claimed she was a witch,
She was no more than a mortal bitch.

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NaPoMo - For the Love of a Parent

April 16, 2014

Another contribution to National Poetry Month; one for everyone who ever loved a parent.

I Will Always See

I saw when I visited, your skin once supple, tanned golden,

turned mottled, dry as desert sand, rice paper thin.

I saw eyes, once surface pools, now drying wells,

retreating inside, framing themselves with pigment dark.

I saw your feet, veterans of journeys beyond count,

only pretending to lift themselves high.

I saw these things and I did not see them.


I saw fingers, both ha...

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NaPoMo - Something Nice

April 11, 2014

For National Poetry Month today, something nice in free verse.

I Didn't Know

I didn’t know real strength

until your newborn hand gripped mine,

or true beauty

until I watched you sleep.

I didn’t know boundless wonder

until I saw it in your eyes,

or purity of sound

until I heard your voice.

I didn’t know the simplicity of joy

until you giggled at nothing,

or dogged determination

until you learned to crawl.

I didn’t know innovation

until I saw you play,

or the hunger for k...

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NaPoMo on a Serious Note

April 10, 2014
Today's contribution to NaPoMo (National Poetry Month) is a serious one that I wrote for a poetry course I did many years ago.

Life's Battle

Swish swoosh, swish swoosh, Sue’s gaze seeks out that sound,

A fairy flutters by, catches her eye

A goblin grabs and casts it to the ground,

‘How pitiful you are’, is goblin’s cry.


The goblin aims his club at fairy’s head,

‘Have mercy, Sir,’ calls Sue, ‘she must not die’.

‘What matters,’ goblin asks, ‘if she is dead?’...

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