We’ve all had it, the dreaded writers block. Minutes or even hours staring at a blank page, the struggle to stay focussed, plagued by diversions; the internet, twitter, facebook, an overwhelming need to read every word of someone else’s blog. What to do about it – write! Write anything. It doesn’t have to be a story, write a diary entry, a recipe, describe the room you’re sitting in, describe your significant other, your child, your parent, pretend you’ve won the lottery and write your shopping list. No good you say, your muse is still hiding, lost in the dust behind the couch, in the pantry with the treats, under the bed next to your slippers. No? Perhaps we can coax it out with one of these twenty writing prompts.

1.      It was difficult for Lidia to shut the curtains without being seen.

2.      Melinda Morris was killed. She was either killed by her husband or she killed herself. There are no other alternatives.

3.      She was beautiful in a way that made him want to stare forever.

4.      The concrete spewed from the pump and the men moved as one, pushing the mixture to and fro until it slopped and settled. Their muscles pulsed in time with their unified but rather unfortunate rendition of Folsom Prison Blues.

5.      Helen might have lived her whole life without seeing a dead body had she not gone to the Harrison’s house that day and had she not, on seeing the door slightly ajar, pushed it and ventured in.

6.      The ward was quiet but for the constant pip-pip-pipping of the monitor beside Stavros’ bed.

7.      Mrs. Blue-Leather wanted those shoes.  Slim court shoes, with elegant slender heels. 

8.      Jordan scrunched the magazine in his fist and left the room.  He wondered if she would notice he had gone.

9.      It was in the third phase of the Galagon Moon, in the blackout hours, when only the guardians and the mentally crazed roam the streets; the night we didn’t snib the door.  

10.  I hadn’t expected them to play rock and roll at his funeral.

11.  We found it while we were hunting for Easter eggs.

12.  I only fart once a day except on Wednesdays when I fart three times.

13.  Helen Sanderson was near to fainting. Brian would have gone to her aid had his own legs not turned to jelly.

14.  I stand and stare at the closed door, this is forbidden territory.

15.  Janelle breezed into the room.  As she walked around the bed, her skirt, hanging from perfectly proportioned hips, swirled around her long, slim legs.

16.  I picture Marty playing cricket after school, on a vacant block not far from home.

17.  Peter Little was by no means an endangered species; a sad misfortune for a world far too heavily populated with such malcontents as he.

18.  She wrings her hands, stiff from the cold.  The car keys she forgot she was holding cut uncomfortably into her palm.

19.  “Don’t open that bag; there’s nothing in there.”

20.  There was a shame brewing within, bubbling menacingly from the core of her.

Would you like to share some writing prompts of your own?