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The mighty Murray River

Queensland may be 'Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next' but let's not underestimate what Victoria has to offer. Take a look at a map of Victoria, a good look. How many towns do you see? Astonishing isn't it; I wonder how long it would take to visit them all? Too long I imagine so let's hit the highlights: 

Echuca on the Murray River, the Gippsland Lakes, Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road, the Goldfields, the Snow Fields, Phillip Island and the Bass Coast, Read more...


A truck mounted blower. a vaccuum for sucking dirt from the opal mines in Lightning Ridge

The Australian Outback is the stuff of legend, a remote and arid landscape peopled by stoic and intriguing characters. It is the land of limitless tales and far easier to access than many believe.

For a time my husband and I became grey nomads but we had no 4WD and hauled no caravan, we travelled good roads in a family sedan and stayed in cabins and motels. These are trips anyone can take. Read more...


Bushland Beach in Townsville at low tide

Queensland has long been the holiday of choice for sun loving Australians but its glorious climate and expansive beaches are only a small part of the Queensland story.

From the tropic north to the Darling Downs she is a state rich in history, of arid landscapes and lush tropical forests, and of mountains and caves. Read more...


Lapping up the sun at Koorana Crocodile Farm

Animals, aren't they wonderful. They capture our imaginations and hearts and fascinate young and old alike. Who doesn't love the cuddly koala and the iconic kangaroo. But what about the platypus, the crocodile, the dingo, and the wombat? Read more...


A white-faced heron at Kaurna Park

Some say birdwatching is addictive and they may be right; so great is the excitement of seeing a species for the first time. Take the time to look and you will notice the birds are everywhere but there are places where they congregate and these are indeed a treat. Read more...


Silverton an almost ghost town in outback New South Wales, home to some notable artists.

Broken Hill is home of BHP which long held the title of Australia's largest company and nickname 'The Big Australian'. This is not the home of an historic theme park, modern day mining continues amongst in this heritage setting. It is remote and is surrounded by some simply astonishing outback landscape.



Kilcunda on the Bass Coast

Gippsland and the Bass Coast are locally refreed to as Melbourne's playground. It is no wonder that these rolling hills, rugged coastlines and tidal lakes attract holiday makers and day trippers alike. Read more...


Wilson Botanic Park, in South-east Melbourne

From formal garden to native bushland, Australians and their visitors are spoilt for choice. Some may prefer structure, come see our landscaped gardens. Some may have an keen interest in plants, come see our botanic gardens. Some may love the natural landscape, come see our bushland and wetland reserves. Some may simply long for a relaxing day in green surrounds, come enjoy our parks. Read more...


National Vietnam Veterans Museum

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum at Newhaven on Phillip Island

Museums and collections are repositories of our past. They preserve our stories through written word and preservation of artefacts. No matter how many we visit each has that something more to see and to remeber. Read more...


Casey Fields Playspace

Childrens playgrounds are so much more these days than they used to be. Play equipment extends beyond swings, slides and monkeybars to forts, ladders, springers, firemen's poles, and climbing nets. Many of these wonderful playspaces are set in rolling parklands and lovely gardens. Read more...