Petals in The Dust


Haley Marrett is a loner, the teenage daughter of over achieving, self-focussed parents, Wayne and Kimberly, older sister of precocious Tyler and granddaughter of Ruth, who has mild dementia. Haley’s has been the quintessential upper middle class life, but she struggles for self expression and recognition.

When Haley is blamed for a kitchen fire in the family home she retreats to cyberspace in search of understanding where she finds Brandon. As her family’s fortunes unravel in a myriad of financial and legal woes, and lies and secrets are revealed, Haley shares page after page of her life with Brandon.

When Kimberly contacts the police, believing Brandon is not who he seems to be, a betrayed Haley arranges to met him in person. What happens next will either bring the family together or tear them apart forever.

NaNoWriMo 2010